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Feel empowered to advocate for your medical care with this checklist!

Create a Care Plan with Your Birthing Care Team to Facilitate Positive Birth Outcomes and Collaboration.
Bring a Supportive Friend, Family Member, or Doula to Your Medical Appointments. Ask Questions.
Take a Birthing Class
Know and Recognize the Signs of Maternal Trauma Communicate Patient Birthing Experience Concerns to Your Medical Provider.
Join a Support Group Like Single Mom Defined and Pittsburgh Brown Mamas.
Participate in a CenteringPregnancy Program.
Screen for Maternal, Mental, and Social Needs Throughout Pregnancy and Postpartum.
Practice Daily Self-Care.
Learn the ABCs of Safe Sleep. Babies Should Sleep Alone, on Their Back, in a Crib with Only Fitted Sheet, and a Safe and Healthy Environment.
Seek Postpartum Maternal Mental Health Support.
Create a Postpartum Plan that includes Feeding Preferences and Check-ins with Your Medical Providers.

If you would like to learn more about First Steps & Beyond or need help understanding what to expect during your pregnancy and how to care for your baby safely, please visit the following website: and Click Here to download your Medical Care Checklist!

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